How to tube feed puppies with a catheter and syringe

Caesar demonstrates how to tube feed new born English Bulldog puppies
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to How to tube feed puppies with a catheter and syringe

  • caesaryanez says:

    @R3dRum69 .. the tube feeding was implemented because of the pup with the cleft palate… if done correctly the pup will live, but if feed ends up in the lungs, the pup will die. Another pro… It ensures the pups are actually receiving enough feed. When the mother is dried, this will also help. I do not recommend this approach unless your vet goes over the procedure with you, it is very risky; however, so is bottle feeding if the nipples release too much fluid.

  • R3dRum69 says:

    I never realized how much work it is to feed newborn puppies. Good work!

    What are the pros and cons of hand feeding them like this versus them feeding directly from the mother?

  • frenchies4me says:

    Informative video. I would like to say that a cleft puppy can be raised also on a bottle. It takes a good nipple, that has a slow drip when tilted. The pup “chews” rather than sucks and it takes some time to feed but I have raised one cleft pup and am currently feeding another using a bottle. The old school thinking that all cleft puppies should be destroyed at birth is just not true. It takes dedication but the results are worth the time.

  • caesaryanez says:

    @babewithswaqq vist the-english-bulldogdotcom/how_to_tube_feed1.html to obtain the information you are seeking Please sub in “.” where you see “dot” on the URL… youtube does not allow us to post URLs

  • babewithswaqq says:

    where did you find the feeding tube & the dog formula|milk ?

  • babewithswaqq says:

    where did you find the feeding tube & the dog formula|milk ?

  • caesaryanez says:

    I wish the bottle-feeding was 100% safe. If the flow of milk is not correct, the pup may end up with fluid in its lungs and die. I would not recommend tube feeding to anyone unless your vet or an experienced person walks you through the process. My wife never tried tube feeding the pups because she like many is afraid of the process. This process is somewhat similar to feeding newborn macaws. Years ago, I hand raised three macaws and used a syringe to administer the formula.

  • Cambu82 says:

    so scary!!! thats the last thing to trie the botle its better and safe!!!

  • HeheJeeveeLol says:

    Ceasar milan xD

  • rsbot3000 says:

    thank god he told u rofl

  • peachy6969 says:

    Thanks, I’m volunteering at a shelter and I wondered if this was better.

  • handsofcaesar says:

    No, we tube fed because one of the pups was born with a clef pallet; therefore, it was unable to suckle. Since we were set up for the tube feeding, we also decided to tube feed the others. Do not try this unless your vet has been consulted. Very risky and you can kill the pups if the feed is sent down the trachea.

  • cramies says:

    do all newborn bullies need tube feeding??? our bulldog is due on easter so we would like to know if we have to do this to the pups. it looks soo scary and hard

  • bodecianbulldogs says:

    No, its usually done for speed & quickness unless in rare circumstances the puppy was fading. If mum cant feed pups BOTTLE is the next best thing, newborn pups have to be feed every 2/3 hours for a couple of weeks that means through the night they can not be left unattended. Tube feeding carries risks you can drown, over feed, kill..It should be carried out by someone WHO knows what they are doing…Personally I would rather bottle feed everytime & tube feeding would be my last resort…

  • peachy6969 says:

    Is tube feeding better than bottle feeding?

  • tanuariley says:

    R these tubes reusable or do you need a lot of them and if so where can you get them…they are hard to find.

  • leshawks says:

    Very helpful will be usein one soon on my own litter

  • caesaryanez says:

    Only advance tube while pup is suckling. Mark the tube with a marker to know when to stop advancing. Tip of the nose to the end of ribs. If the tube begins to enter the trachea, the puppy should begin to gag/resist the tube. Pull the tube back and restart. Do not advance any feed until you know the tube has entered the esophagus. If the feed enters the trachea your puppy will end up with feed in its lungs; die. Procedure is delicate, first seek the advice of your vet. (only allowed 500 words)

  • fabrizziov says:

    Can you miss the spot? that is, insert the tube down the wrong pipe? And if so, how could you tell by the length of the tubing inserted or the puppy’s reaction?

  • dynomanca says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I know I will have to do this some day and you have help me to overcome some of my fear.

  • caesaryanez says:

    glad you found it helpful

  • ytmad says:

    really helpful – thanks so much for showing us!

  • gsnayyar says:

    how often? like five cc’s every how many hours..I wana buy a pup from you

  • tammyrammy says:

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    omg so small!

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